"A beautiful carpet shouldn't cost the Earth."

Eco Carpets by Riviera Home are made from 100% natural wool “with no added chemical, dyestuffs, moth proofing or stain blocking treatments.” They create their stylish colours by blending various types of wool from renewal resources. The carpet is woven on either traditional handlooms or tufting machines using natural jute and cotton. They also finish the product with natural latex “straight from the rubber tree so again no nasty chemicals” are used in their production. Their carpets, once disposed of, are said to naturally bio-degrade in the earth in a period of just 1-5 years.

There is a choice of 5 ranges and an amazing 37 colours to browse. Their Eco-carpets include the ranges of Burford, Tetbury, Witney, Cranbourne and Rustic Croft.