Flooring Options

J L Hill Carpets, stock a vast array of types, styles and colours of flooring for you to choose from, under the expert guidance of our experienced staff.


If you are looking for a carpet, then we stock both natural and man-made products in a wide spectrum of colours and design options. You may want the naturally "smart fibre" of wool, with its ability to absorb humidity and release it into the atmosphere when it becomes dry. It is also fire retardant and anti-allergy, with the scales on the wool fibre's surface holding onto fine dust until it is vacuumed. Wool also has a "bounce-back", so that the effects of tracking on the carpet are reduced. Here at J L Hill Carpets, we offer tufted and woven ranges in plain, heather, tweed, textured and patterned designs.

We also offer carpets made from other natural products, such as sisal, coir, jute and sea-grass. These often being a popular option to being made into runners for the hallway.

Man-made carpets have the added option, in our busy households of being bleach cleanable. Some have very deep piles, and so feel luxurious underfoot. They also have the advantage of not discolouring in direct sunlight. Again, we have many styles and colour options available, even stripes, or carpets with an added sparkle, for the adventurous among you.

Cushioned Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile

In addition to carpets, we also stock other flooring options.We have a broad selection of cushioned vinyls, suitable for all areas of the home, being hygienic and slip resistant, and offering wood, stone or patterned effects.

Also, we supply and fit luxury vinyl tile (LVT). This looks like wood or stone, with its photographic layer, but has the added advantage of being water proof, resists indentation, and is softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood or stone floors.

Wood Flooring

We do, however, stock engineered wood flooring for people who want to "bring nature inside," and prefer the look and feel of real wood. To be in-keeping with the style of your home, engineered wood has a solid hard wood layer with an engineered base made from fast growing trees.